• Documents Needed for a Loan

    The following is a list of documents typically needed to take a Loan Application. It is important to know that your specific requirements may vary.

    And if you are missing a needed document, we may have other options for you.

    • Last 30 days pay stubs (or last LES for Military personnel)
    • W2s for the last 2 years
    • Last 2 bank statements (all pages please)
    • Last 2 IRA, Pension, 401k or other Investment statements (if applicable)
    • Letter of explanation regarding any late payments or other derogatory credit history ( we will give you specific direction as to what is needed)
    • Letter explaining any inquiries on your credit report (mainly to disclose if an account was opened)
    • Last 2 years Federal Income Tax returns
    • Driver’s license and Social Security Card
    • Social Security Award Letter for retirement or disability income (if applicable)
    • Pension letter or monthly pension statement